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Essex Pediatrics is a Vermont based $type enterprise located in Essex Junction. Company's registered address is 89 Main St, Essex Junction, VT 05452. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections. You can also read the customer reviews about Essex Pediatrics as well as sharing your own experience.

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+1 802-879-6556


  • Dustin Charland26 April 2019

    I was a patient here from when i was born until I was kicked out for being to old. I would still like to be a patient at Essex Pediatrics, but it was time for me to go, never but good experience here! Dr.Costello is a great fun guy whose dry humor will catch you and make you laugh. Just be aware they do bill on visits based on a min range for when the doctor is in their. So sometimes if you get chatty with the doctors you end up paying an extra amount because you went into the next time range. Overall a great place to bring your child, highly recommend with no doubts of your satisfaction.

  • J & A Katon26 April 2019

    I’ve been bringing my kids here since birth and have never had any issues. Well I called to make an appointment because my sons sick and is having a hard time breathing and I was informed they wouldn’t see him because he has a past due bill. Well when I was in the office a few weeks ago they had me fill out forms for his insurance so not sure how this happened but the fact they would turn a sick child away disgust me.

  • Lily Leggett26 April 2019

    DR>STiffler has retierd but i had him for 12 years and the were great! Dr.Costello was my doctor if stiffler was not avalbile he was soo funny and was a amzing doctor! Dr.massingham in my dictor now and she is great an amzing!

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